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Some Things to Know about Neckties

That long piece of cloth worn around the neck usually by men, is called necktie or in Dutch, stropdassen, and it is usually for decorative purposes, that rests under the shirt collar and knotted at the throat.

The different kinds of tie are ascot tie, bow tie, bolo tie, zipper tie, cravat and clip-on tie, where ascot and bow tie are the modern necktie that descended from the cravat. Neckties may be sold in a longer size, but generally come unsized. Some cultures make part of regular office attire and formal wear and usually worn by men. Neckties can be worn by women too but not as often as boys or men. Other uses of neckties are as part of uniform in military, school or wait staff, and some make it a part of their everyday clothing attire. The traditional way a necktie is worn is with the top shirt button fastened, and the tie know is located between the collar points.

To knot neckties, there are four general ways to do it based on their level of difficulty, and these are the most common four-in-hand knot, the Pratt knot or Shelby knot, the half-Windsor knot, and the Windsor knot or full Windsor, which is the thickest of the four knots considering it has the most number of steps.

It is a traditional choice especially for professionals to wear ties and make it part of their office attire. The wearing of neckties is viewed as a demarcation between work and leisure time. This is based on the concept that with something present around your neck, would let you be reminded to get down to business and focus on the work on hand, while once the tie is loosened, it would signify work is done and is now time to relax.

To tie the knot and do it perfectly could be daunting sometimes for men especially if it is the first time in doing it. Choosing a necktie have something to do with the colors and patterns to be paid attention to so as one would not look like having a Christmas d?cor. It is therefore recommended to start with the most simple styles and techniques as you learn the proper etiquette of wearing ties, especially there are many kinds sold in the market.

There are some suggestions that you can follow so that you will achieve picking the right tie for you in without so much effort on your part. Points of consideration are your body size, the fabric, colors and patterns. For example, if your body built is large, it is not good to wear skinny ties, and conversely, slim men should avoid wearing extra wide ties.

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