The Perfection of the Proper Drug De Addiction Treatment Now

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines adolescence as the period between 11 and 19 years, considering two phases, early adolescence from 12 to 14 years old and afternoon from 15 to 19, everything and that these age ranges may vary depending on several factors.

At this stage there is no awareness of risk, the messages of adults are rejected and given to group pressure, so the importance of the family context is fundamental for the good development of the young person.


The importance of the family context in adolescence means that in drug dependence, family-based therapies show their effectiveness, so from the center, we are committed to systemic therapy, taking into account the in divisive, family, school, parents and the cultural environment, since all these systems can have an impact on the use of drugs during adolescence.

At the same time, individual sessions are held to parents, in order to examine their communication style to their children and to observe which patterns of family interaction influence the behavior of each member of the family. In addition, family group workshops are also held in which various subjects are discussed, such as self-esteem, resolution of conflicts, rules and limits, etc. Proper lighthouse treatment is important in this case now.

Finally, in order to cover the main areas surrounding adolescence, a detailed follow-up of academic and school development is carried out with the collaboration of the tutor.

In this way and taking care of all the surroundings that surrounds the adolescent we obtain a qualitatively more significant improvement without focusing us only and exclusively in the individual.

Why do teens buy drugs?

We could say that adolescents consume drugs for various factors, for example, among others, to experiment and try new things, to do risky things, to feel more independent of the adult and thus to take their own decisions, to feel the effects of drugs, to feel more integrated into the peer group, as well as evade problems.

Risk and protection factors

There are several risk and protection factors that may predispose to using drugs to adolescence. These can be given both in the community, the peer group, the family environment, the school and individuals

How to detect consumption?

There are several indications or tests such as loss of appetite or compulsive hunger, use of collectibles, change of friendships, etc. However, there are still some of the indications that have been mentioned does not mean that there is a consumption, so that we can only be sure if the child accepts and consumes or if we see it ourselves. There is also the possibility of performing urine controls, but we always recommend that the child be aware of its use.

What to do if my son consumes?

In the first place it is very important to calm yourself and not to dramatize since the fact that you consume does not mean that you have a dependency. At this time, we must look for solutions, how to help analyze the reasons why it consumes, look for alternative activities, and above all look for guidance and help from professionals specialized in drug dependency to perform an evaluation of the case and plan an intervention.