Benefits Of Attending Conferences For Healthcare Professionals

Professional conferences are valuable opportunities for professional development and networking, especially when the conference is focused on issues that are vital to the profession. In healthcare, the use of data analytics to improve outcomes for all stakeholders is a top concern, and it will be discussed this year at the Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS 18). The following are some of the benefits of attending this and other healthcare-related conferences.

Learn From Leading Experts

High-profile conferences attract top speakers who can share their expertise and insights. Getting to listen to and even ask questions of some of the most respected and influential leaders in the industry is a rare and valuable opportunity. Keynote speakers at HAS 18, for example, will include CEOs of major healthcare organizations, researchers and authors, and even a co-founder of Netflix. See more information at

Get A Hands-On Look At The Latest Products And Tools

Visiting the vendor area is always an interesting and entertaining part of a conference. Vendors set up their wares and attendees get the opportunity to see some of the latest tools and equipment in action. At HAS 18, visitors will get to explore a variety of analytics tools and learn how they serve different purposes in the healthcare industry.

Get Practical Advice

Many professional conference sessions are led by peers who are offering their own experience and insights about methods, approaches, and tools that work. Many people find that they gain information and inspiration to transform their own workplace in positive ways. At HAS 18, for instance, attendees will learn very specific ways that data analytics can lead to concrete improvements in patient care and organizational efficiency.

Network With Peers

Professional conferences provide a great opportunity for people to meet colleagues and get to know each other informally during session breaks or scheduled social activities. Typically, conferences schedule social events in the evenings, including dinner and excursions into the city. The connections people forge during the days of a conference often lead to long-term professional relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Professional Education Credits

Finally, the learning opportunities offered at professional healthcare conferences can translate into professional education credits. For example, MDs who attend HAS 18 are eligible for up to 25 AMA medical education credits.